5 02 2012

My school is the best because we as in my class get to go on a school trip to Bude for a whole week (it does not include the weekend) how silly. We are going to leave the school at 4am or 5am because we don’t want to get stuck in traffic, we will arrive there around 9-10am. So we will eat there if we are allowed (that means a massive lunch). We will unpack our bags after we find out the rooms we are staying in. I hope I am staying in a room with my 2 best friends and the coolest girls in the class. I always stay in a room with them no matter what. We are going to go rock climbing,  wind surfing, mountain walking, rock pooling, have a BBQ on the beach, and last of all we will, well us girls will, stay up late eating sweets and playing games in the dark.

Wind surfing in Bude

Wind surfing in Bude

Rocky beach in Bude

Rocky beach in Bude


This trip proves that my school is the best ever.



Breaking Dawn (part 1)

29 11 2011


Guess what? I have just seen the new film, Breaking Dawn, the day it came out! I love the film and I love the idea of a complicated love story. If you want to find out some of the film then read this.


The best part of the film is the ending when everyone thinks Bella is dead when she is alive. If you are going to watch the film, stay until credits because you will miss the crucial part of the head of vampires wanting something (Bella, the baby or both). I think they want the baby because the baby is half human and half vampire. This means that she eats like a human, and acts like one, but has powers like a vampire. Watch this and see if it helps you with the film, but you have to watch the film, it is a brilliant film but it will end on a cliff hanger so don’t get upset because I did tell you so. I hope you like the film.

Milk, milk, apple juice

31 03 2011

This is a rhyme that my dad told me when we were away. He said that kids at his school used to say this. If you are reading this please can you spread the word on. Here is the original one: “milk, milk, lemonade round the back chocolate’s made”. Sometimes it is said like this: “milk, milk, lemonade round the corner chocolate’s made”.

But I questioned my dad as to why wee would look like lemonade. So I suggested the following rhyme instead: “milk, milk, apple juice round the back chocolate mousse.” I told it to my favourite cousin, jasmin, and she said “what nonsense!” But when I made a picture she couldn’t stop laughing. I hope you find the picture informative and amusing.



Breaking Dawn

20 03 2011

Hi sorry about the long delay but…

Spoiler alert: I know about Breaking Dawn, if you don’t want to know this part because this might spoil the movie you can skip it. So Bella has a baby girl with Edward, but the baby is sucking Bella’s blood inside, so that means Edward has to turn Bella in to a vampire. The baby girl is only1-2 months old and she looks like she is 10 (weird right, but that is vampires for you). Jacob falls in love with Bella’s daughter and she is only 1-2 months (when a wolf sees someone that they like they are meant to be with them).

Twilight Saga

27 10 2010

Hi sorry I have not done more blog entries, I have been really busy doing my homework. On my about page I wrote that I like the Twilight Saga. My favourite character is Bella. I don’t know why but she just is my favourite. I wouldn’t like to be like Bella because in the stories, her life is difficult. Jacob doesn’t want her to turn into a vampire but she has to if she wants to marry Edward and have children. Sorry, I really should have said “spoiler alert” before I started writing. But I haven’t told you about Breaking Dawn. That is the next film.


My holiday

15 08 2010

I am writing 2 days before I go to holiday in Dubai.  I do not know which hotel because mum and dad are keeping it a surprise. Last year we also went to Dubai to a brilliant hotel called Jumeirah Beach Hotel. We went to the Wild Wadi Water Park every day. That was the best holiday ever. This year might be even better 🙂

I have been to 5 of the above places and hope to go to the others some time too.

I hate onions

15 08 2010

I do like eating onions but I hate it when someone is cutting them near me.  It always makes me cry.  My way to stop crying when cutting onions, I put a wooden spoon or anything wooden (but not a chair or table or tree trunk) in my mouth.  It should be smooth otherwise you’d get splinters. By biting hard and chewing on it I stop crying from onions.  Try it, it really works.  Right now, I am chewing on chopsticks while my mum cuts onions and I write this blog.  Bye.